Outdoor Adventure - 1.5" Plain Nylon


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Rock solid and guaranteed against scratching, aggressively fun playing, rolling around in who knows what, and basically anything else creative your dog can think of to destroy his or her collar!
Made with plain, patterned nylon, this collar eliminates the one part of the collar that is most vulnerable to being frayed or torn by these types of FUN activities - the ribbon - and instead gets its character and design from the nylon itself. If your dog takes having fun to the extreme, this may be the collar for you!

Please include your dog's name, breed and approximate neck measurement with your order. I will make the collar specifically for your dog, so please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your collar in the mail.

Being the owner of two very strong dogs with less-than-stellar leash manners (aka, I get pulled everywhere, and their collars really take a beating), I understand the need for a strong, sturdy collar. All seams are reinforced, with all thread ends woven in by hand for extra strength, and I always use metal hardware. While these collars will withstand nearly anything your dog can throw at it, they are not meant to be used for dogs tethered outside unsupervised- both because of the martingale design, and as an extra precaution towards your dog's safety.

What is a Martingale Collar?
A Martingale collar is made of 2 loops of fabric, attached together by metal slide rings. The larger loop goes around the dog's neck, and the smaller loop rests flat in front with the D-Ring where the leash is attached. When pressure is applied to the leash, the small loop will pull the large loop tighter around the dog's neck, to ensure they can't back or slip out of it.
Martingale collars were originally designed for dogs whose heads are the same width or smaller than their necks (sighthounds, greyhounds, etc. - so, a regular buckle collar would slip right off. However, Martingales are now being widely used and recommended by trainers and experts in the dog community. A Martingale collar has all of the benefits of a "slip" or "choke" collar, without any of the downsides (the choking effect, etc.). They are the only style of collar we feel safe using with our dogs.

Shipping from United States

Orders ship via USPS 2-day priority mail with tracking.


Refunds and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis. If something is my mistake, I will absolutely do everything necessary to make it right (whether that be doing an exchange or a return for a full refund).

If something is your mistake (you forget to tell me something you want, etc- we all make mistakes!), I will do what I can within reason to make you happy with our transaction. However, please know that all collars are custom made for your dog, and depending on the size, etc, they can be hard to impossible for me to resell. That being said, I have yet to turn someone away or refuse an exchange. I am pretty flexible, as your happiness as my customer is typically more valuable to me than the cost of your collar.

In case of damage to your collar:
If your dog somehow damages their collar and you feel it is something I could have prevented with my craftsmanship, please message me. The structure of my collars is rock solid (they will not break, tear, etc). The ribbon on my collars is not always rock solid, particularly with dogs that scratch at their necks/collars frequently, as it is decorative, and there's simply nothing I can do about that. I wish there was! Maybe one day I will create my own ribbon that is impossible for dogs to damage! :) Some ribbons are more durable to scratching than others, and if someone orders a delicate, silky ribbon I will always let them know that those type of ribbons are not a good match for dogs that scratch at their collars, etc.

If your dog manages to chew through their collar, please know that dogs are capable of chewing through things much more solid than I could ever make a collar (just last week I came home to find my dog Dewey had chewed through the rock-hard rubber sole of a boot!). If your dog wants to chew through their collar, please understand that there isn't anything I can do to prevent he or she from doing that. If I made the collars with a material that was completely chew proof, you'd have a metal collar and no one wants that! :)

All of this said, please ask me if you have any questions. I am super flexible and have to say this to protect myself to a reasonable extent. Again, your happiness is more valuable to me than the cost of your collar, so even if your dog decides to chew through their collar when they aren't wearing it, let me know. I will do what I can to replace it in a way we are both satisfied with and feel is fair.


Thank you for taking the time to read my shop policies. If you have any questions about them before ordering, please feel free to ask!

If you have any questions about my shop policies before ordering, please feel free to ask!

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