It all began with a shelter dog!

When I adopted my first ever dog, Sal - a pit bull - I quickly learned that many people were hesitant to greet him because of what he looked like. No matter how fast his tail was wagging (wiggle butt and all!), there was often a slight hesitation. I noticed that something as simple as wearing a bright, fun collar seemed to make him more approachable. Once they met him and saw how friendly and loving he is, their entire view of pit bull-type dogs began to change. It's a beautiful thing to watch! I could never find martingale collars that fit all 3 qualifications: fun, fitting to his personality, AND high quality- durable enough to survive all our adventures and his other shenanigans! That is what inspired me to start making them myself.

They took off mostly via word of mouth at first. I was donating them to our local Humane Society because I thought that potential adopters might stop for an extra second in front of a dog's kennel who was wearing a bright, happy collar. I have always loved Etsy, so I decided to open a shop. It's been a great experience every since!

Adopt a best friend! Not only will you get a happy face to greet you every day, and a fun co-pilot on all of life's adventures - you never know where it may lead you!

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